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Welcome to the 2024 Capital Area Autumn Classic

Champions and Finalists for the 2023 Capital Area Autumn Classic

We would love to get pictures from all our Champions and Finalists. Please send pictures to We would love to recognize the teams on social media.

Div Champion Finalist
U8B-White4v4Nationals Capital Area 16 Boys RedVardar Red 2016
U8B-Red4v4Rapids FC Green 16Nationals Oakland 16 Boys Black
U9B-WhiteHartland United 20150 Boys BlueVardar 2016
U9B-RedGenesee Nationals 15 BlackNationals Oakland 2015 White
U9B-BlackVardar 2015DSC- Legends 2015 Boys (Gold)
U10B-YellowGrass Lake Alliance SoccerMI Jaguars Novi 2014 Boys Silver Team
U10B-WhiteNationals Capital Area Boys 2014 BlackVardar Red 2014
U10B-BlackVardar 2014Nationals Oakland 2014 Boys Black
U10B-RedHaslett Soccer Club U10 NavyDSC 2014 Boys (Gold)
U11B-GreyCASSA 2013 Boys BlackNationals Troy 2014 Black
U11B-WhiteNationals Oakland 13 Boys White2013 CW3 U11 Boys Green
U11B-RoyalRapids FC Green 13Nationals Genesee 2014 Boys Black
U11B-YellowBC Fire 2013 Boys BluePortage SC 2013 Boys Yellow
U11B-RedVardar Red 2013Lenawee United FC
U11B-BlackNationals Capital Area Royal 2013Nationals Genesee Boys 2013 Black
U12B-RedVardar Red 2012Avengers 12B -Rovers
U12B_WhiteMason Soccer Club 2012 Boys RedDSC 2012 Boys (Blue)
U12B-RoyalOkemos Soccer Club (CASL)Alma PAL Strikers U12
U12B-BlackNationals Oakland Boys BlackNationals Genesee 12 Boys Black
U13B-RedNationals Genesee 2011 Boys Black2011 Boys Black
U13B-WhitePSC 2011 Boys GreenGSC 2011 Boys
U13B-RoyalNationals Capital Area 2012 Boys BlackLenawee United FC
U14B-RedDCFC North 10B RougeNationals Genesee Boys 2010 Black
U14B-WhiteVikings 10B -RoversPortage SC 2010B White
U8G-White4v4Nationals TriCounty 2017 Girls BlackMidwest United FC 2017 Royal
U8G-Red4v4Nationals Genesee Black 2016Nationals Capital Area 2016 Girls
U9G-WhiteMidwest United 2015G WhiteDBSS 2015G
U9G-RedNationals Troy 2015 Girls RedRapids FC Green 15
U9G-BlackNationals Oakland 2015/16 Girls BlackNationals Macomb 2015 Black
U10G-RedDSC 2014 Girls (Gold)Rapids FC Green 14
U10G-WhiteNationals Capital Area 2014 Girls RedOkemos Soccer Club U10 Girls White
U11G-WhiteNationals Capiltal Area 2013 Girls WhiteAYSO United Ada 13G
U12G-RedGrand Ledge SC 12 Girls - WardRapids FC Green 12
U12G-WhiteNationals Capital Area 2013 Girls RedWM Galaxy 2012G white
U12G-BlackGenesee Nationals Girls Black 2012DCFC North 2012 Girls Rouge DA
U13G-Black2011 Nationals Capital Area BlackLambeth Azzurri
U14-15G-RedBASA 10 GirlsNationals 2010 Girls Black
HSG-WhiteMichigan Burn 06 Girls WhiteNationals Capital Area 2007 Girls Black
HSG-RedNationals Genesee 07 Girls BlackMidwest United FC 06G Royal



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